List of Indus Valley Civilization Sites in Haryana

In this Post we will discuss about ‘Indus Valley Civilization’ Sites in Haryana. Questions were asked in various previous year exams like HSSC, HPSC and Haryana police. We hope this information will help you in these competitive exam.

List of ‘Indus Valley Civilization’ Sites in Haryana is given below:

List of Indus Valley Civilization Sites in Haryana

Site District State Excavations/Findings
Balu, Haryana Kaithal Haryana Earliest evidence of garlic. Several plant remains were found here include various types of barley, wheat, rice, horse gram, green gram, various types of a pea, sesamum, melon, watermelon, grapes, dates, garlic, etc. (Saraswat and Pokharia – 2001-2) which is comparable to a nearby IVC site Kunal, Haryana revealed remains of rice (probably wild).
Banawali Fatehabad District Haryana Barley, terracotta figure of plough
Bhirrana Fatehabad District Haryana Graffiti of a dancing girl on pottery, which resembles a dancing girl statue found at Mohenjo-Daro
Farmana Rohtak District Haryana Largest burial site of IVC, with 65 burials, found in India
Hisar mound inside Firoz Shah Palace Hisar District Haryana Unexcavated site
Jognakhera Kurukshetra Haryana Copper smelting furnaces with copper slag and pot shards
Kunal, Haryana Fatehabad District Haryana Earliest Pre-Harappan site, Copper smelting.
Mitathal Bhiwani District Haryana
Rakhigarhi Hisar District Haryana Terrecotta wheels, toys, figurines, pottery. Large site, partially excavated.
Siswal Hisar (district) Haryana

Important Point to note-

Over 1400 Indus Valley Civilization sites have been discovered, of which 925 sites are in India and 475 sites in Pakistan, while some sites in Afghanistan are believed to be trading colonies. Only 40 sites are located on the river Indus and its tributaries and around 1,100 (80%) sites sites are located on the plains between rivers Ganges and Indus. The oldest site of Indus Valley Civilization, Bhirrana and the largest site, Rakhigarhi are located in Indian state of Haryana. More than 90% of the inscribed objects and seals discovered were found at ancient urban centres along the Indus river in Pakistan, mainly Harappa and Mohenjo-daro. More than 50 IVC burial sites have been found, main sites among those are Rakhigarhi (first site with genetic testing), Sanauli, Farmana, Kalibangan, Lothal, Dholavira, Mehrgarh, Harappa, and Mohenjo-daro.


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